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Robots. Aliens. Boobs. Everything a geek desires.


Planet X.

A little known universe lost in a corner of Midwestern America-- seen from the highway, rarely taken notice of. Within it, a concoction of lifeforms gather on hallowed grounds between walls of epic grandeur to discuss the fate of their worlds-- usually involving robots, lightsabers, superhuman powers, and scantily-clad heroines.

Some may call it simply a comic book shop-- others, a nuisance; still others, Geek Central Station. But this, this is a place of fierce loyalty, harsh judgement, and where you had better buy something instead of standing around all day reading or they'll toss you out on your ear.

Fred: Store Manager

Pictured: (L/R)Optimus Prime, Fred

Managing Planet X is no easy task, especially when you're the entire staff. An hour for lunch, closed on Sundays, Fred has been doing this so long he could do it in his sleep-- he actually did once, and even caught three punk kid shoplifters in the process. Fred doesn't read comics, watch TV, and hasn't seen a movie in years. And yet, with all the geekspeak in the store, he doesn't have to bother to. Jaded but friendly, he's a fanboy's best friend for info and getting stuff put away on the side until payday. Truly a hero behind the counter.

Jason: Smooth and confident

Pictured: (L/R)Jason, a Ninja Kitty
Never one to get too excited about anything pop culture, Jason keeps his cool to the point you'd almost think he didn't care. But beneath that slick facade lies a fanboy of strong, underdressed heroines and the darker side of comics. He'll only read after the sun goes down-- he doesn't want to be seen reading comics in broad daylight.

More profiles of ambassadors of the planets coming soon.

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